I’ve been a Baseball Fan since I was 8 years old. What I’m not going to say here is that “my dad took me and it made a lasting bond for the two of us” or “the green of the grass had me be in awe”. Four of the moms of the neighborhood had tickets to a Sunday afternoon Kansas City A’s game and one of them couldn’t go so I was the tag along. Living in the heartland of America, Kansas City, green grass was a background threat that pretty soon I would be old enough to run the mower.

AND there was this game, a game that I knew from radios that transmitted through open windows to hot sultry nights. And this game was nothing like my experience of vacant lots with rocks for bases. This game had full grown men whose names I had picked out of the sultry night air. These men always snagged, grabbed, ran down, and caught every ball that was hit their way.  And they soon became my childhood companions. The next day I emptied out my piggy bank (really) rode my bike to the Katz store and bought my first crystal set radio. That was it. I was hooked. From then on I have lead a life of addition.


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