Baseball: A thread in the American fabric

Saying what you might expect to see in this blog is a bit difficult. The easiest place to start is what I know that I don’t want this to be. I don’t intend for this to have anything to do with the on the field play, stars of the day, huge salaries, the compounding growth of statistics or several other things that are available in stacks of electronic tomes in the library of redundancy. And as part of my addiction I do keep up with all of that and yet…

One of the true beauties of the game is the interactions of the people off of the field of play. Of the major American sports, baseball is the one that lends itself most to having all kinds conversations. In the live games there is of course the ear shattering, heart pounding audio and video from stadium gurus to stimulate mass excitement. But even with that going on the game is one of individual accomplishment tied to individual accomplishment etc. that give a freedom to simultaneously watch the various levels of play and be present to the various levels of our own lives. Yesterday at the stadium I was engaged in a conversation with two others guys about their classic car collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and with another person about a recent, all too common in his neighborhood, event of his brother opening his front door and being immediately struck and killed with a tire iron in a home robbery. Conversations at all levels and about all areas of life are buzzing throughout the baseball stadiums of America. It is a window to who we are as a country.

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